Project Objectives and Tasks

Project Objectives and Tasks


International Project

     Development of the literacy skills of students in primary and middle school is the main objective of our project . Since nowadays students have to work with new forms of reading and writing, literacy skills are becoming of high importance. All partners are aware of the necessity of the issue and are eager to develop skills which will also be transferable in comprehending written text, processing it and using the reading material to give a creative output.

      4 schools from Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Spain are the participants in this project. These schools have considered developing literacy skills as an important issue. The schools involved are both municipal and private, include students of various cultural and social background. The partners have agreed that the theme of the project, Sharing Legends and Myths, is appropriate and beneficial to all participants and will allow the teachers to effectively involve the students into the learning process, thus improving their literacy and foreign language skills.

   The partners plan to achieve the objectives of the project through student involvement in researching the legends of their countries and producing their own creative works based on the reading material (presentations, comics, plays, translations). We aim at motivating our students by allowing them to share their creative outputs with the international audience, thus increasing their interest in reading and processing the information in the foreign language. Through the project, the students will develop communication, IT, and writing skills, gain new factual knowledge and valuable experiences and competences.

    Information regarding the flow of the project and part of the creative outputs will be exchanged through the project website, which is available to all participants at any time and will remain open for public use.

   During 4 partner meetings, the students will have a great chance to hear the legends from the horses mouth and be taught by teachers from different cultures. The partner meetings will provide the teachers with the opportunity to co-teach, give each other feedback and exchange methodology concerning literacy skills development. This also allows for the colleagues to observe each other as they implement theoretical ideas in practical lessons based on the legends. Throughout the meetings, the teachers will also discuss the adjustments needed to be made to the teaching process. Moreover, they will come to a conclusion which teaching approaches are culture specific and which can be used internationally, which will enable them to create a teaching kit applicable in any school of partner countries in the long run. Apart from the on-line teaching kit, final products will include: -comics based on the national legends,

-a book of legends translated into English with reading tasks ,

– a video recording of teachers performance in the internationally staged play.

  All of these materials will be available for further use by partner schools as well as other teaching institutions and libraries. We are intended to incorporate the benefits from this project across the curriculum and use them in future curriculum content and pedagogy.